Representative projects in the last 5 years: 2008-2012

In last 5 years (2008-2012) the group published 52 papers (26 in ISI quoted journals) and has more than 100 citations (95 in ISI WoS).
Representative projects: 1. Powders and soft magnetic materials nanocomposites of ferrite/transition metal (MeFe2O4/(Fe, Ni, Fe-Ni-X) type exchange coupled, obtained by mechanical alloying (1519/2008 - ID) Obtaining of nanocomposite magnetic powders formed from a mixture of soft magnetic material (Fe, Ni or alloys Fe-Ni-X) and soft ferrite MeFe2O4 nanoparticles coupled by exchange interaction. It is desired the realisation of materials that combine the high permeability and induction of the magnetic alloy with the high resistivity of the ferrite.
2. Fe-Ni soft magnetic nanocrystalline powders obtained by mechanical alloying. Obtaining, properties, realisation of the nanocrystalline compacts for applications (PN II 71 015/2007) Obtaining of the nanocrystalline soft magnetic powders having good permeability and improved compressibility produced by mechanical alloying. The powder obtained by mechanical alloying are used to produce soft magnetic materials composites with nanocrystalline structure for further uses at medium frequency. Obtaining of nanocrystalline sintered compacts from mechanically alloyed powders.
3. Exchange coupled nanocomposite magnetic materials (PN II 72-186/2008) Synthesis of hard magnetic materials focused on the production of nanocomposites of hard/soft type exchange coupled of type spring-magnet.

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