Equipments used in the research activity

The group possess equipments for magnetic powders obtaining by mechanical alloying/milling (2 high energy planetary ball mills, one Pulverisette 4 – Fritsch, having the GTM system of temperature and pressure control and measurement in real time).
Remagraph-Remacomp-Combination C705 hysteresisgraph for AC (up to 10 kHz) and DC determination for soft magnetic materials and Permagraph L hysteresisgraph for hard magnetic materials.
powders characterisation equipments (Laser Particle Size Analizer –Analisette 22 - Fritsch– domeniu 10 nm-2 mm).
scanning electron microscope JSM 5600-LV (Jeol), equipped with EDX spectrometer (Oxford Instr.).
The group has access to the following equipments: X-ray diffractometer Dron 3 equipped with data acquisition board, DTA, TG+DSC (Setaram), hydraulically press and sintering furnaces, dilatometer, plastic injection installation, measuring and control equipments. 
Home-made spark plasma sintering equipment – designed and realised by the research group.
The group has scientific collaboration and facilities for experiments and magnetic/structural measurements at: Babes-Bolyai Univ.Cluj-Napoca (Brucker D8 diffractometer, magnetic susceptibility balance, electrical resistivity measurements, etc.), S.C. Sinterom S.A. (sintering furnaces), Joseph Fourier Univ., Grenoble and Neel Institute, CNRS, Grenoble (TEM, magnetic measurements up to 4 K and in fields up to 8T, DSC, dynamic magnetic measurements at medium and high frequency, etc.), Rouen Univ. (Mossbauer spectrometry).
The group has as well collaborations with INCDFTM Bucharest, ICPE-CA Bucharest, INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca, IFT Iasi, and other international scientific contacts with researchers from France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Slovakia.

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